5 Minutes With: Andy Stubbs - Low n' Slow

Tell us in a few sentences why you decided to start up in street food.

I started to do street food because I loved cooking pork and I loved cooking brisket. I loved cooking over fire and wanted to create something of my own.

What’s been your stand out dish that you’ve created to date?

Maybe my Pig Cheek Tacos from a few years back, I loved that dish. Also the smoked pig cheeks then braised in kecap manis chicken stock and white wine, home made corn tortilla and pico, I need to bring that sexy back!

Why have you decided to make the transition into opening up a restaurant?

I have decided to go into a restaurant because I feel for me to progress as a chef and to get the dishes on the menu that I want on there, I need a base and an outlet to do that. I adore street food but it has it limitations of weather, price point and travelling which stops me creating as much and restricts me from having my smokers, grills and equipment to hand, staff is also a problem.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone who wants to get started in street food?

Be original, cook with passion and from your heart, do not follow trends or take what seems like an easy root. Don't copy or imitate others and pay homage to inspirations. Invest in the best equipment you can afford as this will make all the difference and surround your self with progressive, inspirational people. Try not to kill anyone. Focus on provenance and quality of produce.

Favourite restaurant/place to eat in Birmingham?

I love Tiger Bites Pig, Original Men, Kilder Bar and Grace + James.

Which trader are you most excited about at the moment?

Nyama Choma are great, original and using great, locally sourced produce while making everything them selves! I love Yo Dough also.

Where do you see the street food scene going and how is it different from five years ago?

I see it with a lot more semi-permanent residences in much bigger spots. Five years ago we didn't have the customer base but now it's more known I think it's easier and more viable for traders to commit to longer term locations.

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